How do I prepare a licensing agreement that is perfect for me? – Tips for preparing a licensing agreement

What is a license? What is the difference between a simple and an exclusive license? What is a fair licensing fee? How should a licensing agreement be structured? Do I have to disclose everything in detail? Which contract clauses are important but are often overlooked?

With a license or a licensing agreement, the licensor and owner of the subject of the license, in particular a property right, allows the licensee to use the subject of the license, for example for the purpose of manufacturing or selling certain products. Without this license, the licensee would not be permitted to use the subject of the license. There are countless templates for preparing a licensing agreement available online, so-called standard licensing agreements. But can these standard agreements easily be adapted to the individual case or the individual needs? What must you be aware of to be sure a licensing agreement does not become a business risk?

At the following link, we explain the key issues with preparing a licensing agreement and answer frequently asked questions, and provide some tips for preparing a licensing agreement.

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